posted on: Thu, 20th May 2021

Hot weather and its potential impact on our cherished companions

Summer can be a wonderful season, with lots of time spent outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Whilst many of us like to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather, we should make sure we do it safely and remember our cherished companions are often vulnerable to heat and rely on pet owners taking resposibilty in protecting them when we are experiencing extreme heat. A little...
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posted on: Thu, 8th Apr 2021

Measuring quality of life

  Measuring quality of life Quality of Life (sometimes shortened to QoL) has different meanings to different people. What constitutes a reasonable quality of life for one person for their pet might not for another. One pet owner might consider that urinary incontinence in the house is too much for them to cope with and undignified for their pet. Others will be comfortable with clearing up aft...
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posted on: Wed, 17th Mar 2021

Planning for Goodbye

  Planning for Goodbye We see every day the emotional heartache when other pet parents have lost or about to lose their cherished companion’s I thought I would post this on here you never know it might help. I know this is not a subject that we like to think about but If you have time, then it can be better for both you and your pet to plan your pet’s end-of-life care, rather tha...
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posted on: Tue, 16th Feb 2021

6 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog's Mental Health

6 Simple Ways to Help Your Dog's Mental Health Written by: Melissa Kauffman The discussion around mental health is so limited compared to physical ailments, that we as a society have barely managed to attribute the importance it calls for in humans.  Needless to say, we do not really take into consideration that our four-legged friends might also suffer from mental health issues, such as depr...
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posted on: Wed, 27th Jan 2021

Grief And Sleep-Tips To Help Sleep Better After Pet Loss

  Written by: Melissa Kauffman We all know that grief is an ill-fated part of our lives, and one way or the other, one has to face this unfortunate event. We grief over the loss of a person or pet, and in this process, our mental health is most affected. With mental health, sleep deprivation is also suffered. People who grieve often suffer from sleep-disruption. And the etiological factors we...
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posted on: Thu, 17th Dec 2020

Remembering your pet at Christmas

  Christmas time along with all the festivities is a time for remembering. We think about people that are no longer with us and for us pet owners, this will include pets we may have lost recently or months, even some years ago. However long it’s been since the loss of a dear pet, thinking about them is normal and demonstrates how much you loved them and they were part of your life. Ther...
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posted on: Mon, 7th Dec 2020

My Pet Died, Now What? Dealing With Secondary Losses

Article by: Melissa Kauffmann Going through the death of a pet involves not only the grief and trauma caused by the loss but also the poignant aftermath. What happens next? How do you move on? The death of a dear cat, dog or a long-kept parrot can be just as heartbreaking and real for a person as any other loss. This is why recognizing and processing your feelings as entirely ordinary and necessar...
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posted on: Mon, 23rd Nov 2020

3 Ways to Introduce a Dog and a Rabbit

  Written by: Melissa Kauffmann Let's just get one thing out of the way immediately – you need to introduce your dog to a rabbit properly. You might have the most lovable, likable pooch that ever walked this earth, the calmest and most empathic dog that treats everyone and everything it meets like its new best friend. This isn't enough to keep your rabbit safe and happy. Your dog might...
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posted on: Mon, 17th Aug 2020

7 Special Ways To Remember Your Pet

Written By: Melissa Kauffman, Catster & Dogster magazine editor Losing a pet is like losing a family member. To some, it means saying goodbye to their best friend, their trustful companion, a piece of their heart.   Sooner or later all pet owners need to face reality.  However, there are ways in which we can help ourselves grieve healthily and fully cherish the precious moments of go...
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posted on: Wed, 24th Jun 2020

How to Keep Your Pet Engaged, Enriched & Calm During Lockdown

Written By: Melissa Kauffman, Catster & Dogster magazine editor All over the world, people are staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our pets seem to appreciate having us around – but the same restrictions that keep us home might also mean shorter walks and fewer trips into the outdoors. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic ways to entertain your pet even if trips to the dog par...
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posted on: Sun, 31st May 2020

COVID-19 and Pets: Advice & Facts

Written By: Melissa Kauffman, Catster & Dogster magazine editor It goes without saying that the Coronavirus outbreak has put the entire world into a state of emergency. The World Health Organisation has declared it a global pandemic and governments all over the world are taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of their citizens. The Coronavirus is a highly contagious respiratory dis...
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posted on: Tue, 18th Feb 2020

Palliative and hospice care for pets

  Palliative and hospice care for pets There is a growing movement to provide for needs of aging, sick and dying animals, in the same way that we provide for the needs of people. While we are fortunate in that we can ultimately spare our beloved pets suffering by way of euthanasia, and this for many will be their first choice, there is increased recognition of the significant benefi...
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