posted on: Thu, 13th Jul 2017

New garden and engraving wall at Bromsgrove Clent Hills Vets - Update

New garden and engraving wall at Bromsgrove Clent Hills Vets to give pet-owners a place to remember Lovely piece in the Bromsgrove Advertiser online 10/7/2017 We'll have more updates on the progress of our Memorial Pathway & Garden soon... A VETERINARY practice in Bromsgrove has begun work on a new 'memorial pathway' and garden to give bereaved owners a place to remember their pets....
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posted on: Thu, 6th Jul 2017

Memorial Pathway & Garden for Loved Pets - Just lovely - well done Clent Hills

Memorial Pathway & Garden for Loved Pets Work has begun on our new Memorial Pathway & Garden at the front of our Bromsgrove practice. We know how devastating losing a pet can be so we wanted to create a space where pet owners, and our team, can come and sit peacefully and remember beloved pets that have passed on. This new setting is very close to our bereavement room and perhaps where th...
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posted on: Tue, 23rd May 2017

Never leave your dog in a car on a warm day. If you see a dog in distress in a hot car.Dial 999

With the current bout of warm weather and summer fast approaching it is important to remeber that Dogs die in hot cars. for more information on: What to do if you see a dog in a car on a warm day How to help a dog in a hot car Click the link below  ...
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posted on: Tue, 21st Mar 2017

Final resting time & place

When a pet passes away there are generally two options for body after-care; either burial or cremation (for more information visit If cremation is chosen this leads to more options – either having the ashes returned in a sealed casket or in something that allows them to be scattered at some point. I have lost various pets over ...
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posted on: Tue, 21st Mar 2017

Vets4Pets Bradford raise the bar on compassionate care in Yorkshire

  Vets4Pets Bradford raise the bar on compassionate care in Yorkshire  Compassionate care for owners at the end of their pet’s life  For many owners, the experience of losing a pet is heart-breaking and, for some, overwhelming. Losing a pet is losing a friend and, in many cases, a ‘family member’ too. Emotions run high and owners need to have support at this c...
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posted on: Fri, 17th Mar 2017

Palliative and hospice care for pets

  Palliative and hospice care for pets There is a growing movement to provide for needs of aging, sick and dying animals, in the same way that we provide for the needs of people. While we are fortunate in that we can ultimately spare our beloved pets suffering by way of euthanasia, and this for many will be their first choice, there is increased recognition of the significant benefi...
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posted on: Wed, 15th Mar 2017

Measuring quality of life

  Measuring quality of life Quality of Life (sometimes shortened to QoL) has different meanings to different people. What constitutes a reasonable quality of life for one person for their pet might not for another. One pet owner might consider that urinary incontinence in the house is too much for them to cope with and undignified for their pet. Others will be comfortable with clearing up aft...
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posted on: Mon, 13th Mar 2017

Ensuring pet parents receive compassion and understanding

Ensuring pet parents receive compassion and understanding For Pet Parents Compassion Understood is a resource to provide clear, reliable information about our pet's end-of-life. We aim to: • Guide you in planning for this difficult time • Help you make the right decisions • Provide clear and accessible information • Cope with the passing of your beloved pet The site content has...
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posted on: Wed, 8th Mar 2017

Planning for Goodbye

  Planning for Goodbye We see every day the emotional heartache when other pet parents have lost or about to lose their cherished companion’s I thought I would post this on here you never know it might help. I know this is not a subject that we like to think about but If you have time, then it can be better for both you and your pet to plan your pet’s end-of-life care, rather tha...
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posted on: Mon, 6th Mar 2017

Borrow my doggy

  Written by: Pat Cherry (Guest) After losing the last of my Golden Retrievers, I was devastated, as dogs have been a part of my life for 25 years. The House felt empty and eerily quiet.  I thought about getting a new little pup, but I knew it was not the right time in my life to be doing that, so instead I decided I'd try life without a little doggy friend.  I found it quiet and th...
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posted on: Fri, 3rd Mar 2017

Fantastic story in Beer Company Gives Its Staff A Week’s Paid ‘Pawternity’ Leave

Beer Company Gives Its Staff A Week’s Paid ‘Pawternity’ Leave This is one totally paw-some job perk. Bosses at Scotland-based craft beer company BrewDog are giving their almost 1,000 employees around the world one week’s paid leave when they welcome a new puppy into their lives. “It’s not easy trying to juggle work and settle a new dog into your life, ...
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posted on: Wed, 8th Feb 2017

When the dog walks stop

  Hopefully, you read our blog last month “Dog & Human socialising”, which was all about how dog ownership can be the start of new friendships and shared times with like-minded people. Many of us enjoy and even look forward to these social walks, especially as this may be the only time we get to interact and engage with others during the day. So what happens to your socialisin...
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