posted on: Tue, 18th Feb 2020

Palliative and hospice care for pets

  Palliative and hospice care for pets There is a growing movement to provide for needs of aging, sick and dying animals, in the same way that we provide for the needs of people. While we are fortunate in that we can ultimately spare our beloved pets suffering by way of euthanasia, and this for many will be their first choice, there is increased recognition of the significant benefi...
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posted on: Mon, 23rd Dec 2019

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year

May we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From all the team at Compassion Understood...
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posted on: Tue, 10th Dec 2019

Conflicting feelings at Christmas time

Many of us are starting to anticipate Christmas now and doing the necessary preparations – buying presents, planning the Christmas meal, selecting a Christmas tree. In the midst of this anticipation- there may be another feeling in the back of your mind. If you’ve lost your pet this year, or said goodbye to a beloved pet around Christmas time in a previous year, then you may be feeling...
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posted on: Sun, 1st Dec 2019

Remembering your pet at Christmas

  Christmas time along with all the festivities is a time for remembering. We think about people that are no longer with us and for us pet owners, this will include pets we may have lost recently or months, even some years ago. However long it’s been since the loss of a dear pet, thinking about them is normal and demonstrates how much you loved them and they were part of your life. Ther...
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posted on: Sun, 3rd Nov 2019

Common signs your dog has a fear of fireworks

These are the common signs that your dog has a fear of fireworks. • Trembling & shaking• Clinging to you • Barking excessively • Cowering/hiding...• Trying to run away• Soiling in the house• Pacing and panting• Loss of appetite If your pet shows any of these signs, we recommend that you contact your vet for advice  ...
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posted on: Fri, 11th Oct 2019

Taking the sadness away

After the loss of a much-loved pet it can be difficult to think about taking on a new furry companion.   When "non-pet-people" hear you have lost a beloved companion it may be difficult for them to understand the loss and sense of grief this brings. It is not unusual to hear people say "You can always get another one". But, when you have lost an adored pet companion, it can be difficult to th...
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posted on: Fri, 28th Jun 2019

Hot weather and its potential impact on our cherished companions

Summer can be a wonderful season, with lots of time spent outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Whilst many of us like to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather, we should make sure we do it safely and remember our cherished companions are often vulnerable to heat and rely on pet owners taking resposibilty in protecting them when we are experiencing extreme heat. A little...
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posted on: Thu, 25th Apr 2019

Planning for Goodbye

  Planning for Goodbye We see every day the emotional heartache when other pet parents have lost or about to lose their cherished companion’s I thought I would post this on here you never know it might help. I know this is not a subject that we like to think about but If you have time, then it can be better for both you and your pet to plan your pet’s end-of-life care, rather tha...
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posted on: Wed, 27th Mar 2019

Coping with the loss of your dog

*Psychologist Dr Sue Dawson advises on understanding and coping with the loss of a much-loved pet...   Dogs are family: It is not uncommon for us to feel more closely connected with our dogs than with human family members, because of the relatively uncomplicated nature of human-dog relationships. It is understandable that most of us prefer to avoid thinking about the inevitable death of our...
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posted on: Mon, 17th Dec 2018

Easier to Use Than Traditional Clay Paw Print Kits

Easier to Use Than Traditional Clay Paw Print Kits   Pawpals® is unlike traditional clay imprints because it is one-step, instant, and easy to use. There is no kneading, mixing, baking or drying. Just lift the case frame, press the paw into the unique mold material and you've made a lasting memory! Each kit includes an impression pad and a place for a pet photo.   Veterinarians enjoy...
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posted on: Thu, 29th Nov 2018

Owners can rest assured their pet will be looked after at the end

Clent Hills Vets lead the way    Owners can rest assured their pet will be looked after at the end   The experience of losing a pet is heart-breaking and, for some, overwhelming, like losing a friend or a family member. Emotions run high and the last thing an owner wants to experience is an unnecessary problem when they have to make the decision to bring a pet’s life to an end...
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posted on: Wed, 21st Nov 2018

Vets Christmas opening hours – useful things to know.

The Christmas Rota in a veterinary practice often includes days that are open for emergencies only. And there might be some early finishes to factor in as well. Make sure that you ask your veterinary practice well in advance for this information. Owners of elderly or sick pets will particularly appreciate having this information. Think about the services that you might need over the Christmas peri...
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