Conflicting feelings at Christmas time

posted on: Tue, 10th Dec 2019

Many of us are starting to anticipate Christmas now and doing the necessary preparations – buying presents, planning the Christmas meal, selecting a Christmas tree. In the midst of this anticipation- there may be another feeling in the back of your mind.

If you’ve lost your pet this year, or said goodbye to a beloved pet around Christmas time in a previous year, then you may be feeling conflicted: ‘How can I celebrate without my pet?’ ‘I feel guilty for feeling excited about Christmas’ or ‘I shouldn’t be enjoying myself – I should be remembering Mitzi’.

If you’re feeling this way, then it may help to look at Christmas and the loss of your pet from a different point of view. Christmas is all about traditions. Would it help to add a new tradition? One that creates a happy tribute to your pet and the joy they gave you?

Here are some suggestions; feel free to think up your own!

 Why not choose a new pet toy or treat and donate it to a local pet shelter?

  • If you’re good at knitting, a little doggy coat would be very welcomed by an elderly dog you know and help keep them snug

  • Consider making a donation to a pet charity or buying your Christmas cards or wrapping paper from them. There are loads of gorgeous designs out there.

  • Buy some Christmas doggy or cat treats and donate them to a local homeless shelter – many homeless people have pets and it’s nice to remember them at this time along with something for their owners.  

  • Offer to look after a friend’s pet at Christmas for them, or volunteer to do some doggy-walking for them.


It’s in giving that we find the most joy. And if we can remember our pet in doing so, that’s double the happiness!


Conflicting feelings at Christmas time