Sound Therapy for Pets

posted on: Tue, 27th Sep 2016

Dogs Trust are delighted to have partnered with vets Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen to offer you their range of sound based treatment programmes for free.

Dogs that are safely and gradually exposed to many different experiences, including loud noises, during their essential socialisation period of 3 to 16 weeks of age, are often able to cope more effectively with novel, frightening sounds like fireworks or loud engine noises. The free downloads available here, together with their corresponding how-to-guides, contain a collection of specifically recorded noises that all puppies need to get used to, including domestic noises, traffic, fireworks and thunder.

About The Programmes

These sound based treatment programmes were developed by two veterinary surgeons specialising in the field of pet behavioural therapy. All the products have been scientifically researched and come with a full set of instructions, which makes them easy to use and extremely effective.

Sounds Scary 

Sounds Scary can help your dog deal with distressing noises such as fireworks. Sounds Scary is not only backed by years of clinical experience, it is also scientifically proven to be safe, effective and easy to use.

Sounds Scary booklet PDF 1.77 MB

Main tracks

track 1 whistles and whooshes (Continuous sounds) WAV 158.76 MB


track 2 bangs and pops (Continuous sounds) WAV 158.75 MB


track 3 full fireworks (Continuous sounds) WAV 158.75 MB


track 4 individual firework sounds (Continuous sounds) WAV 129.33 MB


Sounds Scary Supplementary Desensitisation Tracks

Sounds Scary - Distant Thunder WAV 159.69 MB


Sounds Scary - Gunfire WAV 159.7 MB


Sounds Scary - Hail WAV 160.82 MB


Sounds Scary - Loud Thunder WAV 159.27 MB


Sounds Scary - Rain WAV 159.55 MB


Sounds Soothing

Sounds Soothing can help your dog deal with the arrival of a new baby, which can be a confusing time for them. This can help your dog cope with the sound of new noises, such as a baby crying.

Sounds Soothing Booklet PDF 929 KB


Sounds Soothing Children Playing WAV 387.23 MB

Sounds Soothing - baby crying WAV 378.88 MB


Sounds Sociable 

Sounds Sociable is designed to help puppies adapt to their new life as a pet. It includes a collection of sounds that every puppy should be familiar with, including traffic, domestic noises, children, and fireworks. The supporting manual explains how to settle a puppy into a new home and how to deal with problems such as housetraining, play biting and settling a puppy at night.

Sounds Sociable Booklet PDF 294 KB


Please note: Ensure to download the below files when you're using a WiFi connection.

1 Ambient environments WAV 17.65 MB

2 Construction noises WAV 25.97 MB

3 Engines WAV 13.27 MB

4 Animals WAV 27.69 MB

5 In the car WAV 19.59 MB

6 Aircraft WAV 28.06 MB

7 Cooking WAV 51.91 MB

8 Doors WAV 17.15 MB

9 Footsteps WAV 26.49 MB

10 Bathroom WAV 18.0 MB

11 Miscellaneous domestic sounds WAV 17.57 MB

12 Miscellaneous outdoor sounds WAV 21.75 MB

13 Miscellaneous transport sounds WAV 16.87 MB

14 Motorbikes WAV 30.6 MB

15 Office WAV 24.47 MB

16 Telephones WAV 9.59 MB

17 Traffic WAV 44.52 MB

18 Vacuum cleaners WAV 28.98 MB

19 Veterinary clinic WAV 41.62 MB

20 Train, tube, bus WAV 41.38 MB

21 Garden and DIY WAV 27.11 MB

22 Children WAV 14.27 MB

23 Baby WAV 11.61 MB

24 Water noises WAV 33.3 MB

25 Washing and cleaning WAV 66.05 MB

26 Hail WAV 10.41 MB

27 Applause WAV 5.89 MB

28 Bleeps WAV 27.98 MB

29 Letter boxes, knocking, bins WAV 11.29 MB

30 Bells, buzzers, doorbells WAV 26.05 MB

31 Whistles and whooshes WAV 10.64 MB

32 Bangs WAV 11.39 MB

33 Fireworks WAV 14.66 MB

34 Guns WAV 11.9 MB

35 Thunder WAV 12.32 MB

36 Alarms WAV 12.61 MB

37 Growling and barking WAV 9.65 MB


As mentioned in our Sounds Sociable booklet, the sound tracks 31 - 37 are ones that some dogs will react to. They are also sounds that have the potential to alarm a puppy. If the puppy’s mother, or another dog in the household, already reacts to any of these sounds, then these tracks should not be played when that dog is present. When playing them to the puppy for the first time, start with a lower sound volume to avoid causing a fearful reaction.



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Sound Therapy for Pets
Sound Therapy for Pets