Compassion Understood for vets

Making pet loss support more accessible

Compassion Understood is an initiative that seeks to make information for pet owners on pet loss support more accessible, as well as helping to inform and educate veterinary professionals about this important time, so they can best help their clients.

As veterinarians and veterinary nurses or technicians, we recognise that pet loss wasn’t something that featured heavily in our learning curriculum. Most of us have learned ‘on the job’, and while day-to-day we can technically carry out the clinical duties around end of life, such as euthanasia, with professionalism and efficiency, the softer elements often get neglected.

Multi Platform online training

The Compassion Understood Pet Loss Programme is an online training course which focuses on the end-of-life pet loss journey from the perspectives of both the vet team and the client. It provides a fully-integrated approach to help inform members of the clinical teams about current knowledge and best practice in this area, as well as providing the front-of-house team with the skills to help ease the client's journey through the end-of-life of their pet.