Costs and payment

Knowing the costs of arrangements for your pet’s euthanasia or for cremation in advance will help to make the time of your pet’s passing less stressful. Many veterinary practices, or crematoria (if you are dealing directly with them) will be happy to advise on costs and make advance payment possible. 

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead will allow you to focus on what is most important when the time comes. You can be free to focus entirely on your pet without having to attend to more formal business matters.

Payment terms for euthanasia and/or cremation fees will vary from vet clinic to vet clinic, but be prepared for any of the following, and don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns you have:

  • Some vets ask for payment on the day of euthanasia. It can be upsetting to have to deal with such matters while you are feeling emotional or distraught, but getting payment out of the way at the time helps to avoid further reminders of your loss with having bills arrive in the post. 
  • Cremation fees usually have to be paid in advance. Most veterinary practices or crematoria will not process your pet’s cremation until the cost is settled. While this may seem harsh, unfortunately some of the most common debts or non-payments that a vet practice might incur are to do with euthanasia or cremation. Your practice therefore may insist on advance payment. 
  • Some vets will take payment in advance, either on the day and before your pet is at rest or afterwards in the reception area. Some practices will be able to take payment from you in the consultation room following the passing of your pet so you don’t have to stand at the desk with other people around. Don’t be afraid to ask about this. 
  • Some vets will send an invoice a few days after your pet’s euthanasia. This can be helpful at the time but for some it can be upsetting to receive the bill in the post just as you’re starting to come to terms with the loss of your pet. 

Whichever option your practice offers and whatever you decide, having the payment information in advance means that you are aware of the financial aspects surrounding your pet’s euthanasia or cremation and are not surprised or upset further by receiving the request for payment in a way that you wouldn’t have chosen.