Veterinary Reception Support Team On-Line Training in End of Life Support

posted on: Tue, 2nd Mar 2021

Veterinary Reception Support Team Training in End of Life Support

Getting end-of-life care right isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s essential. Our overwhelming evidence from both practice staff themselves and from owners is that this is an important part of the pet’s life-stage and extra support is needed.

The client support team is probably one of the most critical roles in practice, when it comes to client satisfaction. The client's journey will often start with a phone call to the veterinary practice, or a face-to-face discussion with the receptionist. This is no-less-true for the end-of-life client journey. As part of the client support team, you are expected to be able to deal with an emotional client and tread carefully through euthanasia and end-of-life discussions on a regular basis. This can feel isolating, and front-of-house team members don't always get the necessary training in the required and specific communication skills needed for these conversations.

We aim to give you the necessary skills to feel confident in your end-of-life interactions with upset pet owners. We'll help you understand the deep bond that exists towards end-of-life, and look at why that may make pet owners sometimes irrational or unclear in their communications with you. We'll help you to walk through the client journey, and give you information on what to do and say at all the touchpoints along this journey. From the initial client phone call, to the steps you need to take following a euthanasia or discussion of aftercare, we'll give you protocols to feel confident that you are delivering what the client, and the patient, ultimately needs at this sensitive time.

The client journey is covered in its entirety, from the initial call through to the necessary administration procedures that should take place after a client has lost their pet. Tips are given on call-handling with suggestions for words to use or open questions to help the owner to open up on the phone about their needs. The client journey is followed from arrival in the clinic, with advice on how to greet the client, and then where and how to manage the waiting time. Payment handling, both on the phone, and on clinic arrival is covered to help make this often-awkward conversation a little easier. 

The benefits are clear:

  '' Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this course. Pet loss and pet bereavement is emotionally challenging for both the veterinary professionals (including nurses), front of house staff and the owners. This course really makes you think about euthanasia, the terminally ill patients and providing the best care for them throughout. It really helps you realise and understand how it is so important that in the veterinary environment that we continue to improve the way we approach and think about these challenging situations we face on a daily basis. Great course and would highly recommend! ''

 - Catherine Gelderd , Receptionist at Holly House Veterinary Hospital, Leeds

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Veterinary Reception Support Team On-Line Training in End of Life Support
Veterinary Reception Support Team On-Line Training in End of Life Support