Our first video gives you an overview of Compassion Understood ethos and why our training programme is a must-have for veterinary practices.

Watch the Video - Introduction to Compassion Understood

Our course components contain various learning materials including videos from experts and pet owners.

Watch the Video - Preparing for & Nearing End-of-Life

This component covers the following modules:

  • Understanding the pet owner
  • Introducing the 4th life stage
  • Quality of Life assessment and tools
  • Decision-making and end-of-life discussions
  • Introduction to palliative & hospice care
  • Compassionate communication

Watch the Video - The Pet's Passing

This component covers the following modules:

  • Euthanasia: Mind-sets and Challenges
  • Bond-Centred Euthanasia: The Vet Professional’s Guide
  • Home Euthanasia and Other Scenarios
  • Moving Towards Bond-Centred End-of-Life Care: building protocols for your clinic
  • Reflective Practice: Self-evaluation and Team Care

Watch the Video - The Client Journey

This component covers the following modules:

  • Moving towards a bond-centred approach
  • The Client Journey Part 1: Before the last appointment
  • The Client Journey Part 2: After the last appointment
  • Supporting the client after their pet’s passing
  • Bringing Everything Together